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Howe's Fishing offer a variety

like no other outfitter in the area.


We love to chase Lake Trout (Mackinaw) in Flathead Lake, but we also know and understand that the areas variety of fishing is worth sharing!


There are so many varieties of native fish and non-native fish in the valley. On Swan Lake we can fish for the federally protected native Bull Trout. Montana’s state fish, the native West slope Cutthroat Trout is available in almost every lake we can fish.



In addition, Howe's Fishing has the boats and equipment to help you fish for and catch many different species.


We might troll, with downriggers or planer boards, cast with spinning or casting gear, or jig depending on the lake, the species and the weather!

Some people are obviously more experienced anglers than others, so we try and balance the skill level with the tactic used, with the goal of helping you catch fish.

We also understand that many people use our trips as an opportunity to learn to fish, or advance their skills and we will listen to your wishes and do what we can to ensure your expectations are met and we hope, exceeded.

On all trips, we supply all the tackle you will need, but on any trips to the lakes other than Flathead, you are welcome to bring that favorite rod, or allow us to help you properly set up that new outfit!




Flathead River


The upper Flathead River, from the lake up to Presentine Bar, is a magical place.  Not only for its fast-moving trout water, but also for its slower, meandering sections and oxbow sloughs as well as the deep pools where Lake Trout and Lake Whitefish await.



We operate an 18′ War Eagle DSV, equipped with a Mercury jet outboard, to get you into the water where the fish are holding.  Another similar boat will be added in 2019. Running the river in a jet-powered boat is an experience in itself, and the places it allows us to access are teeming with fish, wildlife and views of the valley you simply won’t find anywhere else!





Goes anywhere we ask it to go, allowing us access to waters rarely fished. If you are looking for a different experience entirely, let us show you our well-kept secret!


Northern Pike grow very large in the backwaters and sloughs, and we target them year round. Lake Superior Whitefish move into the main river in September, and we target them until the ice starts to flow downstream.  Other species available in the river include Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout, Crappie, Yellow Perch and Largemouth Bass.


15056024076_b8b24b5f1dBeautiful Flathead Lake

Beautiful Flathead Lake is crystal clear, 15 miles wide, 28 miles long, 120,320 acres and 370+ feet deep with 168 miles of shoreline. Fed by the drainages of the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi. Surrounded by woods and beautiful estates, it is the home to osprey, eagles and abundant wildlife. Flathead Lake itself is full of Lake Trout (Mackinaw) and catching them is our specialty!


The source water of Flathead Lake is the Flathead River which consists of three major tributaries: the North Fork, South Fork, and the Middle Fork. These three rivers form in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains and flow towards their destination of Flathead Lake. The lake and rivers have abundant wildlife surrounding them, as well as a healthy trout population. Species include Bull Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout and Lake Trout, as well as Lake Superior Whitefish and Jumbo Yellow Perch.



Mackinaws thrive in the cold, clear, well oxygenated water of Flathead Lake. The Lake features a mostly rocky gravel bottom and ideal water temperatures. Along with the ample food supply available, this provides the perfect environment for Lake Trout. With an average catch length of 22″-26″. Lake Trout have been caught measuring over 40 inches! The record fish weighed 42 pounds and measured 42″. Nettings conducted by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department have documented Lake Trout over 70 lbs.


Our goal is to help some lucky fisherman break the existing record. Howe's Fishing consistently catches fish every year over 36 inches and is confident that one of our customers will be the one to set the new record.




Fishing Swan Lake

Swan Lake, south of Bigfork is one of our favorites lakes for the multi species fishery it offers.  When trolling Swan Lake, you never know what is going to take the bait!  Swan Lake is one of the few lakes where we can target and catch(and release) Bull Trout.  Kokanee Salmon to 20” are common, Lake Trout to 5-6 pounds are the standard and Rainbows, Perch and Northern Pike round out the offerings on this quiet and lightly used lake.  Another favorite ice fishing lake!  Full day trips here include a picnic lunch at the day use area.




Cam 19 pound rainbowLittle Bitterroot Lake offers some of our best trophy Rainbow fishing in the valley.

These are Kamloops Rainbows, imported from Canada, and grow fast and big due to the abundance of Kokanee in the lake.  These Kokanee can grow to 5 pounds in here and offer fantastic fishing in their own right. The best Rainbow fishing is centered around spring and fall, although we can fish here all year for Kokanee and the occasional Rainbow.  Another quiet and lightly used lake.  Full day trips include a picnic lunch.




Pile of perch on iceThompson Lake

The Thompson Chain of Lakes, half way between Libby and Kalispell, these lakes include Lower, Middle and Upper Thompson, Crystal, Loon and others. We focus on the three Thompsons and almost every fish in NW Montana can be found here.  Several campgrounds, from primitive tent to full service RV, can be found here as well as private cabins for rent.  We target Rainbow, Largemouth Bass, Kokanee, Yellow Perch and Northern Pike here, and a full day on any of these waters can include most of these species.  A great ice fishing destination too!  Full day trips include a picnic lunch on shore.







Flathead Lake boats


We have FIVE Raider Boat Company boats in our fleet. Owner Mike Howe believes that Raider boats offer the best value in a heavy-duty, welded aluminum boat on the market. We have two Sea Raider 2484’s, one (2018) Coastal 2484, one 2284 Sea Raider and one 20′ Hardtop.

We also have two Weldcraft boats, both 24′ long and powered by Yamaha outboards and the 28′ long, custom built Thunder Jet for large groups (up to 15) or for those just wanting the biggest, baddest charter boat on the lake!


All our boats are equipped with premium electronics, Cannon downriggers, TR-1 Auto Pilots and everything needed for a safe and enjoyable day on the water.


Welded aluminum boats like ours are the safest and sturdiest boats on the water. They are deep and wide and you will feel safe and secure on your charter. Parents love the deep sidewalls of our boats, you are IN the boat, not on it.  All of our boats have large covered cabins with heat for those cooler days we encounter in Spring and Fall.







The FUN TIME!. Guide Chris Mischke maintains this Flathead Lake icon perfectly suited for large groups.  A Able Founder “Shorty” Goggins had this boat specifically built for fishing the big lake, and Chris operates it from June through September out of Marina Cay in Bigfork, Montana.  Equipped with six Cannon downriggers, private head, heater and all the comforts of home! Up to 15 passengers can really spread out and fish, sunbathe or just mingle in the many seats and tables on board. This is THE largest fishing charter boat in NW Montana and is ready to serve your large group needs. Perfect for wedding parties!






The 18′ War Eagle 860


Ready to tackle any water in NW Montana? The War Eagle brand is arguably the finest all welded shallow water boat made in the USA. Equipped with an Opti-Max 115HP 2 stroke engine with a jet, this boat will handle up to 4 anglers, but is best for 1-3 serious anglers looking to explore all the smaller waters in the Flathead Valley and beyond. This boat will  guide anglers up the Flathead River in search of giant pike.  It has a Minnkota Terrova electric trolling motor with I Pilot and spot lock on the bow, a Humminbird 899 Fish Finder with the latest GPS maps and Cannon down riggers if needed. If you are serious about discovering our lesser known but world class fishing opportunities in the Valley, for Bass, Pike, Whitefish, Rainbow, Kamloops and Cutthroat trout, Kokanee Salmon, Perch, Crappie and even Walleye,  let “War Eagle” be YOUR battle cry!






Crestliner Sportfish


This boat is ready for fishing all the smaller lakes in the Valley, and also does double duty for jigging the Lake Superior Whitefish on Flathead Lake.  Equipped with a 150 HP Mercury Four Stroke it is as quiet as they come. Up front there is a Minnkota Ulterra bow mount trolling motor with spot lock.


Out back, two Cannon electric downriggers set up for Kokanee Salmon trolling.  There is a full canvas enclosure for bad weather days, or just a bimini top to keep the sun off. The Sportfish model has an extended transom for a smooth ride, and will ensure your comfort on the water with plush seats and plenty of room for four anglers.




No matter which boat you and your group is assigned, rest assured that they are all equipped with the gear and comforts you need for an awesome day on the water.  All our Flathead Lake boats are inspected by our local Coast Guard Auxiliary for your safety, and our guides are the best in the business. We welcome you to experience the “Howe’s Fishing Difference”. Take a trip with us for a memory of a lifetime!


What to bring:

Fishing license (can be purchased locally or online)  • Camera • Sunglasses • Sunscreen (no aerosols) • Layered clothing appropriate for the season



You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages.
(Please avoid bananas & finger-staining foods such as Cheetos, Nacho Cheese Doritos, etc.)



We provide the following

All Lakes:

  • Fully Covered/Heated boats
  • The best electronics
  • Rods, reels, tackle and bait
  • Private facilities
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Full day trips have lunch provided
  • Your catch will be cleaned and bagged

Flathead River:

  • Open boat
  • The best electronics
  • Rods, reels, tackle and bait
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Your catch will be cleaned and bagged




Ice Fishing 

Let Howe's Fishing introduce
you to the world of ice fishing!




Enjoy the breathtaking views and an adventure

of a lifetime


Other Lakes We serve

Blanchard Lake (Pike, Panfish) • Echo Lake (Bass, Pike, Whitefish, Perch) • Lake Mary Ronan (Kokanee, Perch) • Little Bitterroot Lake (Rainbow, Kokanee) 
McGregor Lake (Lake Trout, Rainbow) • Swan Lake (Kokanee, Lake & Bull Trout, Pike) • Thompson Lakes (Pike, Bass, Kokanee, Perch) • Whitefish Lake (Lake Trout, Pike, Whitefish)